Born in Latvia, Alisa has been involved with music and dance since her childhood. From her first visit to the theater, she fell in love with the atmosphere and decided to pursue her dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer. At the age of fifteen, she left her family and moved to Germany to study at the Munich Ballet Academy. She has since signed contracts with the Bavarian and Stuttgart Ballet and has been on international tours with both companies.

After six years of dancing professionally, she made the difficult decision to drastically change her life by leaving the classical ballet world in pursuit of other artistic passions. She traveled the globe, exploring and learning new ways and techniques to heal the body, mind, and soul, and dove into the world of analog music production.

Besides her music work, she is also frequently engaged with projects in the visual arts. These include analog and digital photography, behind and in front of the camera; as well as collages and video works, which she often puts within the context of music. Symbioses of auditory and visual material emerge, in which she presents herself in an increasingly contemporary form of movement. She acts as a composer, cinematographer, and performer in her works, which fluctuate between choreography and improvisation.

In times of unpredictability and chaos one thing that we can always be certain of is that the power and growth behind our personality lies in our own hands.



Art & Film

Played a Role

Emotional Traffic Thumbnail

Emotional Traffic - Alisa Scetinina

Founded by the city of Stuttgart, Pop - Büro and Kunstverein Wagenhalle

Retaken Heart Thumbnail

Retaken Heart - Azimuth Art and Dance Ansamble

Director - Gonçalo Cruzinha
Performed at Gedok Galerie und Landesmuseum Württemberg

Intact Thumbnail

Intact - Noverre - Young Choreographers Of Stuttgart Ballet 2017

Choreography : Alisa Scetinina
Composer - Alisa Scetinina
Dancers : Shaked Heller & Alisa Scetinina
Light & Costume Concept - Alisa Scetinina

ISRA Thumbnail

ISRA - Journey Through The Night - Art House Short Film

Direction/Production Manager - Reiner Bocka
Costume Designer - Stjepan Cuka
Choreography, Performance - Alisa Scetinina
Music - Maximilian Luz and Ellie Fords
Camera - Peter Heizmann, Brian Zajak
Post Production, Color Grading - Roman Brauch

Alisa Thumbnail

Alisa - filmed by Simon Pfister in Bavarian State Opera

Director - Donna Mae Burrows
Camera - Simon Pfister
Dancer - Alisa Scetinina

Yung Obama & NoTypeBeats - GOLD Thumbnail

Yung Obama & NoTypeBeats - GOLD

Music - Yung Obama & NoTypeBeats
Esy Studios
Camera & Postproduction - Rakete Visuals

Levin Goes Lightly Thumbnail

Levin Goes Lightly - Geschichten (official)

Music & Text - Levin Stadler
Directed by Nicolas Ohnesorge
Starring : Alena Hermes, Alisa Scetinina
Color Grading : Harry Delgas

Image-Kampagne 2017 Generali Gruppe Österreich Thumbnail

Image -Kampagne 2017

Commercial for Generali Versicherung Österreich


The Sacrifice Of Your Little Self

This exhibition aims to explore the concept of ego and our connection to it through various forms of art including painting, ceramics, music and performance.
In a world that is becoming increasingly individualistic and self-centred, the concept of ego becomes more important than ever.
"The Sacrifice Of Your Little Self" is a thoughtful exhibition that invites visitors to reflect on their own relationship with ego and its impact on our lives and the world around us.

Event Poster

Poster: Ivan Zozulya

Artists & Bands

Ivan Zozulya - Painting

A-Hyun Cho - Ceramic

Eva - Maria Hasler - Performance

Alisa Scetinina - Digital Photography

Bands: Gránátèze, NaN, Diva Daneben

Project funded by the city of Stuttgart.


We Are The Future

Family Festival in the German city of Waiblingen, offering Skate, BMX, Streetboard, Hip - Hop, Graffiti, Parkour, Fashion and Recycling Workshops, as well as Music Shows and Sport contests